The system of Nature Cure claim to profess and practice natural healing without the use of drugs but by fasting, diet control, various baths using mud, water, sunlight, scientific massage, yoga and exercise.
This institution was established on October 2nd, 1984, when the whole world remembered, the Mahathma, the greatest votary of Naturopathy. Our new building located on a hillock in a quiet and serene environ, is another land mark in the field of Natural Hygiene, as Kerala will now have one of the finest and most comprehensive centre. This will be the first of its kind in Kerala. Set in a verdant area of around two acres, it offers you breath-taking scenic vistas from each room. The lush greenery and fresh air with the disciplined mode of treatment will vitalise and invigorate you. This centre will add further impetus to the burgeoning Tourism industry of Kerala.

Dr. S.K. Madhavan ND, DO presently manages the centre and also the president and chief physician. He is also the Patron of the All Kerala Nature Cure Federation. Mahatma Gandhi was a great believer in this style of treatment. It was his firm conviction that Nature is the best healer of any disease. Nature cure has got cures for all types of ailments pertaining to the digestive, circulatory, nervous and respiratory system. Even cardiac ailments, diabetic problems can be effectively cured by this method of treatment. Naturopathy is a scientific and eco-friendly way of keeping the body in good health. This therapy uses natural resources to keep the body fit and for curing diseases. It treats almost all and every diseases found in the modern world, which is caused due to imbalanced diet and exercise. Naturopathy helps to keep the system balanced using natural resources such as water, mud, and sunlight etc., Nature cure is the way of treating diseases without disturbing the biological constitution of the body.